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angered adj : marked by extreme anger; "the enraged bull attached"; "furious about the accident"; "a furious scowl"; "infuriated onlookers charged the police who were beating the boy"; "could not control the maddened crowd" [syn: enraged, furious, infuriated, maddened]

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  1. past of anger


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Angered is a suburb and locality in Gothenburg Municipality, Sweden. Angered is the biggest Million Programme area in Gothenburg, and one of the biggest in the country with 40 000 inhabitants.
The hilly terrain forced the planners to build the different parts of Angered at some distance from each other.


Majority of the population is non-Nordic immigrants or their children.


In addition to Swedish; Persian, Arabic, Albanian, Serbo-Croatian, Kurdish, Spanish and Somali are also commonly spoken in Angered.


Various Swedish rappers comes from Angered, here is one example Angered


The Swedish triple-jumper Christian Olsson (currently ranked no.1 in Europe) was born in northern Angered.


In transportation matters, Angered is served by bus lines 40, 72 to 76 and 79 as well as tram. The tram services terminates here, the turning slope is running around the bus terminal. The tram lines serving Angered is 4, 8 and 9 (towards Mölndal, Frölunda and Kungssten). Initially, the tram line was due to run past Angered Centrum, terminating in the hill of Rannebergen, not far from the centre. This project was abandoned while under construction, instead bus line 76 run Angered Centrum-Rannebergen. However, there are space for trams inside the hill, just as Hammarkullen. The next station southwards is Storås.
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